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Generous Hands


All contributions towards the support of refugees from Iraq and Syria can be made to Hope Fund UK, or, if you are already in Jordan, direct to the Hope & Trust team in Amman, (please see details in the “Contact Us” section of the website for more information on how to do this).  


We are a non-profit organisation and all the work is done voluntarily. Any money that you donate therefore will go directly to supporting the needs of refugees. In Jordan there are now over half a million refugees from Syria, according to the latest figures from the UNHCR, and there are still many coming from neighbouring Iraq. There are of course many large charities working here in Jordan but the needs far exceed what can be offered. The economic disruption in Syria has also greatly increased living costs here in Jordan and it is causing significant hardships for local families who have been at the forefront of giving hospitality to those in need.



Family Aid


“Family Aid” is a way in which you may support a specific family. Typically, support will cover a range of needs such as assisting with rent, clothing, water and food. It would also help families with buying expensive but essential bottled gas for the cold winter and supplying the children with toys and school equipment.



As refugees are not allowed to earn money, they are reliant on donations. Sometimes, this comes from other family members who can assist, but nevertheless, there is real hardship. We at Hope and Trust do not discriminate in the matter of race or religion, we seek only to serve the poor and marginalised.


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