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  • Pray for those whose lives have been turned upside down as a result of war –that they may find hope and restoration from the despair, violence and persecution that has forced them to flee their homeland


  • Pray for us to be led to those who most need our help and for discernment when dealing with cases


  • Pray for the many people who are waiting to hear from agencies and embassies about their pending cases


  • Pray for the hearts of God’s people to be filled with generosity and compassion in meeting the needs of refugees


  • Pray for strength and protection for those who work to bring them relief, emotional support and encouragement.


  • Give thanks for the new hope given to refugees resettled in various countries.



Specific Prayer needs




  • Mr S and his wife. We ask for doors to be opened so that he and his wife will be able to be reunited with his children and grandchildren. Mr S has been in Jordan for many years and we ask that the agencies involved in his case will give him a fair hearing. Mr S and his wife have struggled over the years here, they have very little, their dwelling is small and during the winter it gets very cold.





  • Mrs N and her children. Mrs N escaped from Syria with her five children, she doesn't know what has happened to her husband and is seeking to resettle in the USA.



  • Mr A and his family. Mr A was granted resettlement from Iraq but at the last minute there was a complication. He then had to flee Iraq and is now waiting for security clearance. His children have struggled to fit in the local schools and now do not attend.



Educational initiatives...


  • We are looking at how we can support families with an education programme so that children such as those of Mr A's will get some access to learning. 





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