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Jamal's story

My brother and I were working when a group with arms came to us and threatened us. They wanted us to leave our jobs because we are a different religious group. I refused and they beat me and my brother.


After more than one week my brother and I went back to work, my brother went back to work an hour before me and the group killed my brother. They were threatening him through neighbours. A month later my brother was killed, a group came from a militia group and told me to take revenge for my brother and join them. I refused to join them they then threatened to kill me if I didn’t join them. After that I decided to immigrate to Jordan. I stayed for 5 months and then I went back.


After four days a group with arms came and they took me blindfolded to a place, but I don’t know where, they beat me more than once simply because I was from a different religious group. The third day a united group suddenly raided the place. They released us. After that I decided to come back to Jordan.

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