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Majdi's story

The reason I have left was because of threats and feeling unsafe. The second reason is that I own land there; that was a big problem for me. And this land is the reason I have left. When the ‘fall’ happened some people came and claimed that this land was theirs. So they told me I bought it from the ex-government and they had arms, they didn’t have any papers to prove that this land was for them but we had papers to prove that this land was for us. Someone near our land tried to build a house to live in but they killed him.



The militia knew all the places that I and my family went, including the new house and my working place. So, they sent a person who was old – he had been speaking nicely so he could persuade me and my family to give up the land. He couldn’t persuade us and after a while the men who sent him killed him. I was kidnapped from a street I was walking in. My cousin was working as a guard in a rich man’s house and the militia were following all my family members as they were thinking that my cousin was my brother from my mum and dad.



The police rescued me and I came to Jordan in the same year. I have been in Jordan a long time; I have lost my family and have no real settlement here in Jordan. I can’t make a family at my age now and I can’t because I am not settled and I can’t work because I have a torn tendon in the left leg because of the torture that I faced during the kidnap.

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